First launched in 2008, Foodsource is the industry’s “brands bible” for businesses in natural and organic products across Australia. This very cleverly designed resource connects the whole industry: retailers, manufacturers, wholesale distributors and manufacturing resource providers all across the country.


Every year our updated edition is highly anticipated by the thousands of businesses who receive their free copy: health food store and organic store buyers nationally, buyers for independent supermarket groups and pharmacy groups, and the advertising manufacturers and wholesale distributors all across the country.


Make sure your business is included in our next edition!


Product Types/Themes Featured


Organic Food, Raw Food, Gluten and Allergy-Free Food, Vitamins & Supplements, Fair Trade Products, Natural and Organic Skincare, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products, Vegetarian & Vegan Food, Eco-Friendly & Hemp Products, Health Books, Recipe Books, Health Appliances, and hundreds more!!!!