The Foodsource HUB is your quintessential guide to the natural products industry in Australia! With information meticulously collected since 2008 and updated in most cases by direct and personal contact with key business people, the Foodsource HUB connects you with potential channel business partners across Australia.


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Do you have a business retailing natural products in Australia? If you have a store or multiple stores retailing a wide range of brands on behalf of a wide range of businesses and you’re interested in stocking natural products, join the Foodsource family! List your business for free in our Foodsource HUB, and gain live access to our supplier database at no charge so you can find the brands and businesses you need to get your shelves stocked with high quality natural and organic products – enquire today to arrange your free subscription so you can get your portal login as soon as its ready!


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Do you have a business supplying natural products in Australia? List your business for free in the Foodsource HUB today to provide a contact point for buyers who are looking for your business!


Enquire now to get your free listing underway so we can include you in our business listings hub!
Are you also interested in reaching out to connect with retail buyers who might be looking for brands and products like yours?
We have been directly connecting with retail buyers across Australia since 2008 to compile the most relevant and reliable resources for the industry.
Subscription to the Foodsource HUB retail buyer database is included free with your purchase of one of our exclusive Broadcasting or Sales Kit packages!
These sales and marketing solutions offer powerful brand exposure and/or sales and marketing know-how, plus you can learn about the buyers who might be interested in stocking your products: who they are, what kinds of products they’re currently stocking and what they’re looking for from suppliers!
Visit our Broadcasting and Selling pages to learn more about the exciting sales and marketing solutions on offer for your business!
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