At Foodsource, we are passionate about supporting businesses across the industry in developing their sales and marketing potential!


There’s two things to prioritise for strong wholesale business strategy: building a strong brand and building strong relationships. The Foodsource industry book is a great tool for building your brand identity and reinforcing key brand messages to the wholesale business community, and your advertisement includes access to contact details for retail buyers all across the country as a standard part of the package. Our coaching service can help you to learn the skills and processes that can help you to maximise the golden opportunity presented with the access to these contacts in order to build strong wholesale relationships with relevant and ideal retail partners across the country.


  • Sales is the art of transferring your enthusiasm for your products and services into the minds and hearts of your clients
  • Learn the strategies and skills in order to do this naturally and effectively with the help and guidance of an experienced mentor
  • Get the know-how on moving your products in a meaningful way using little more than a telephone
  • Learn the ways you can build the genuine business relationships that are fundamental to the B2B sales environment
  • Get cracking! If you’ve got the products ready you’re ready to hit the market that needs them!


Coaching sessions are one-on-one coaching sessions with Vicki Yianni, founder of the Foodsource industry book, who has almost 20 years direct sales experience and 10+ years experience in the natural products industry. They are conducted using Zoom which is a program like Skype but is available to everyone who has access to an internet browser and doesn’t require the download of any program onto your local computer (super simple!) and the Zoom sessions can also be recorded and kept as a reference after the session!


Sessions are centred around the compilation of a handy sales manual detailing the aspects of sales strategy for your products, and this manual can be kept as a reference tool for yourself or can be used in the future as a training tool for future sales staff.


Are you ready to make it happen?!




The coaching program is strictly limited so get in touch ASAP to ensure you can grab some dates on our upcoming coaching calendar! Click here to enquire.