Get on board with the highly innovative Foodsource resource, the book that many in the industry refer to as their “bible”, linking retailers, manufacturers and wholesale distributors in natural food, cosmetic, health and lifestyle products across Australia. This is the ultimate brands guide to the Australian market – make sure your business is included for the next edition!


With an annual print-run that ships directly to health food store, organic store, pharmacy group & independent supermarket group buyers throughout the country (at no cost to them!) plus many other key industry businesses such as manufacturers and distributors, advertising in our Foodsource Year Book gets you ‘straight to the source’.


  • Showcase your products in the Food For Thought colour section with display advertisements, Product Trial Features, and/or Product News Advertorials – check out our rate card and the book extract for more details

Included with every advertising booking:


  • Make sure the retailer finds you when they’re looking for your products in the Products Guide or Brand Names Index – unlimited free listings in all relevant categories!


  • Make sure the industry knows all about you, your key contacts, what you do and where to source your products with your free logo entry in our Suppliers Directory section


  • Broaden the network of your product distribution across the country with listings in the Distributors Wanted section, or if you are a distributor, promote under all of your brands, product types and areas of distribution service in the Distributor Guide


  • Promote your business in the new Manufacturing resources section if you provide Raw Material, Contract Manufacturing or Packaging products and services


  • Claim your free subscription to the Year Book and get your hands on the Year Book’s unbelievably useful industry information, with a Retailer Directory listing buyer contacts at outlets across the country (not to mention details of what they’re looking for from suppliers!) plus distributor information, details of the businesses that can assist with raw materials, contract manufacturing and packaging, and if you’re a wholesale distributor, it even tells you about manufacturers looking for distributors for their products!
  • Access our Search & Filter Portal with your free 12 month log-in as a participating advertiser, to access our entire database of retailers, manufacturers and wholesale distributors in order to connect with the most relevant businesses, and those that are looking for the products and services that you can supply!

Do you manufacture or distribute products like the below?

Organic Food, Raw Food, Gluten and Allergy-Free Food, Vitamins & Supplements, Fair Trade Products, Natural and Organic Skincare, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products, Vegetarian & Vegan Food, Eco-Friendly & Hemp Products, Health Books, Recipe Books, Health Appliances, and hundreds more!!!!


Make sure the industry can find you in our next edition!


Don’t delay – advertising space is limited and sold on a first-in best-dressed basis
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