Marketing Support

At Foodsource, we believe that you spend a great deal of time being a great retailer/manufacturer/distributor of your fantastic natural or organic products, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a lot of spare time to focus on the marketing aspects of your business, so as part of our commitment to the growth of this talented industry, we constantly develop our marketing support tools and resources.


Part of the vision includes our stunning Foodsource resource, connecting up the industry and showcasing the relevant brands and businesses every year in our 400+ page “feast” of a book.
(For more info, see our The Year Book Page ).


Our vision also extends wider, with our Broadcast Service, available for all current or next edition industry book advertisers, where we send bulk email, fax or postal marketing campaigns to the industry on their behalf. This is a very exclusive opportunity, with only a limited number of campaigns available across our calendar, but an excellent opportunity to have your brand “led by the arm” and introduced or presented to the industry by the Foodsource team.
(For more info, see our Broadcast page ).


We also take things a step further with our Search & Filter Portal. A free 12 month log-in is provided to all current edition advertisers (or to those who book advertising in our next edition, plus book a broadcast if they have missed the most recent edition). This is supremely useful from a direct marketing perspective, and allows you to specifically target the most relevant contacts on our database to make direct contact and start building relationships. Our database is updated annually and is an incredibly rich source of information for running targeted campaigns to those businesses in the industry that are looking for your products and services..




Identify the most relevant retail stockists for your products: those that currently stock the products you sell, or even those that are looking for products like yours


Filter by the following – choose one or a combination:


  • Store Type: Health food store/Organic Store/Independent Supermarket, etc
  • State
  • Services (on site café, liquor licence, on site practitioner)
  • Online or Physical store (or both)
  • Current Product Types Sold
  • Product Types the Retailer is Looking to Source


You can also search for specific retailer businesses by name




Identify the supplier businesses most relevant to you.


Filter by the following – choose one or a combination:


  • Product Types Sold
  • Distribution Wanted – then optionally filter by states the distribution is being sought for
  • Manufacturing Resource Providers
  • State
  • Distributors – then optionally the state the distributor services


You can also search for specific supplier businesses by name


For more information or to bounce your business marketing needs, please get in touch